Changing Your Mindset About Aging and Celebrating Your Life

In youth, we chase success, willing our lives away so that one day we can sit back and enjoy life. When you reach your later years, you look back and wish you’d spent more time enjoying life then, because you never know what tomorrow can bring.

For those reaching and in their midyear’s, life truly begins.The kids are leaving the nest and it’s time to take the reins and make it all about you. Fifty really is the new thirty, and it’s time for women to know their worth.

As the year’s pass, we begin to gain perspective that wasn’t present when we were younger. We see the pieces of life falling into place, clearing up mysteries, and the older we become, the more life begins to make sense.

Once upon a time, your decisions hinged on the opinions of others, from the car you drove, to the way you cut your hair, the clothes you bought and even what college you were going to attend. Age rescues you from that type of thinking.

Nothing is more important than building relationships with family and friends, and in our formative years, we are so focused on building careers that we put them above family and self.

Additionally, it’s your chance to see the next generation age into adulthood, and dispense sage advice that you have learned along the way. The older you get, the more you know, life, after all, is the ultimate in educational institutions. It’s a privilege to have moments of your life intersecting with theirs and be part of their journey through life.

All of this feeds into the knowledge that we must live life to the fullest and by embracing our aging and celebrating the life that we have had so far, we offer ourselves the best opportunity to enjoy the rest.

  • Rather than accepting things as they are, knock doors down and make them what you want to be.
  • If you suddenly became aware of your body’s frailty, take steps to strengthen yourself.
  • If you find things slipping your mind, start doing crossword puzzles.
  • If you don’t have family and friends nearby to socialize with, go find a sociable hobby that allows you to make new friends.

Stanford University’s psychology professional Carol S. Dweck, PhD explains the two mindsets.

1. The fixed mindset is the belief that talents or qualities cannot be changed

2. The growth mindset is one where you believe you always develop more

The latter is vital to the aging process, as the more flexible and adaptable we are the more we are able to roll with the punches.